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Urban Building

We strive to help essential vital communities thrive.


Each year Stantons commits to a number of community partnerships with charities, not-for-profits and meaningful West Australian organisations.

Much like the hundreds of people and businesses we service, Stanton's community programs are meaningful and diverse, with each partnership structured to specifically support and engage an organisation's people.

We recognise the value and importance of shared beliefs and goals, and the spirit invoked when you journey together and strive for new challenges and hope for change. Our commitment and drive for better social change in communities knows no boundaries, and is at the heart of our community programs that further cement Indigenous, environmental, social, cultural, arts, sporting and heritage-related sectors, and other people who really need support in our community.

Real engagement and change is at the core of our strategy. It's why we give our people the necessary time to use their skills, time and resources to develop and foster these outcomes, a shared purpose built on growth and trust.

The extensive Stanton's community program actively encourages our employees to create and nurture positive change at the organsiations we support.

Our long and proud partnership with Indigenous charity Murlpirrmarra Connection, for example, has constantly evolved, and it is extremely humble a member of their organisation will join the Stantons team at our Perth headquarters.

"To see this eventuate is gratifying and a result of joint efforts and shared values and visions," Stantons co-director Martin Michalik said.

"Our involvement helps the Murlpirrmarra Connection to continue vital support of young Aboriginal students.

Stanton's community program is centred on strong, trusting relationships, where people can feel nurtured and inspired. Our mentors are full-time, skilled and available to deliver a diverse range of activities to help communities transition to a positive, independent future.

"Engaging in meaningful partnerships with various community organisations during the past 10 years has taught the executive team and all of us at Stantons a great deal," Stantons co-director Sam Tirodkar said.

"In particular we've learnt to be far more strategic in the ways we can most effectively support and engage the community ... to 'think outside the square' rather than led by our preconceptions of what constitutes best support."

"With that experience under our belts, we are more confident and optimistic than ever of forging even stronger, more meaningful relationships in the future so our contribution in the community remains always relevant and significant."

You can be part of the journey by donating to one of our community programs, with your support of direct benefit to the diverse community organisations our society needs and values.

Community organisations we work with:


Murlpirrmarra Connection 

Our contribution has been vital for the young people and community of Wiluna, Leonora and surrounding areas and assisted nearly 100 Wiluna and Murchison-based Aboriginal youth to enrol in boarding schools and colleges across WA, while helping to increase the number of Aboriginal people participating constructively in their home and the wider community by achieving and sustaining education and employment.  

The Duyfken Foundation in Fremantle
One of the rarest ships in the world, the authentic vessel was built using centuries-old techniques, and the Duyfken replica takes you back in time to a remarkable period in human history of the first European ship to reach Australia.

Perth Glory Football Club
A sporting club with community at its heart since inception, we our proud our support of Perth Glory to run programs that give everyone in the community a chance to develop their abilities and enjoy being an active member of the club.


Freeze Frame Opera Inc
One of Australia’s brightest and fastest growing opera companies, Freeze Frame Operate Inc aims to spread the love of opera and introduce new audiences to its magic by presenting classics in new, accessible, locally made productions. Our support of FFO, from directors and stage designers, to singers and sound engineers, has helped create local opportunities for our arts professionals to flourish in the community.


Italo-Australian Welfare and Cultural Centre
We are proud to support IAWCC's many essential educational, welfare and cultural programs and social activities that benefit both the Italian and Australian communities and help assist older Italian people to remain living in their homes.



Relationships Australia WA Inc
Relationships Australia WA has provided relationship support services for individuals, couples, families and a plethora of other community members through times of challenge and diversity and will continue to be committed to enhancing their lives and supporting positive and respectful relationships.

West Australian Marine Science Institute  
Strategic marine research has ramped in recent times and cements our continue support of regional and multiple-use marine planning. Our partnership helps form unbiased collaborative science-based positions and independent, peer-reviewed research that help proponents, regulators and decision makers find the optimum balance of conservation needed now and in for future generations.

Key Contacts

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