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Urban Building

In a world where information can be accessed anywhere, anytime, your data and the technology that underpins it is a valuable asset

The Stantons Corporate & Advisory ​Executive Team


The integrity and quality of data, privacy of information and mitigation of security threats are vitally important to an organisation’s success, especially given the uncertainties across the globe right now.


At Stantons we employ recognised baselines and standards to assess a variety of focus areas and use a variety of commercial and recognised freeware tools to assess vulnerabilities.


Our experience is underpinned by continuous research and training so we, and you, stay up to date with the latest advancements in technology. Our IT provides technical reviews with outcomes in layman’s terms easily understood by boards, corporate executive and audit committees.


Risk is unavoidable and ever present in our modern technologically-driven economy, which is why we cover it in various guises: financial risk, credit risk, operational risk and reputational risk, to establish your business as a well-governed entity with more trust than your competitors.

Our risk management programs integrate with your operational processes and can address uncertainty, assist decision making, improve performance and create real, long-lasting value that become embedded in your organisation's culture.

Our strong understanding of current and upcoming industry standards and ability to adapt organisational specific processes, risks and priorities gives us a unique competitive edge.

Our assurance team can maximise the value of your information and IT investments while effectively managing risks through a technical and procedural approach that ensures your IT systems align with strategic goals and future requirements.


Learning from identified gaps and actions taken to mitigate risk enable our team to suggest practical solutions to improve performance and achieve your objectives now and in the future.

Key Contact


James Cottrill

Internal & IT Audit

IT Audit

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